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A close reunion erotic movies

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Описание фильма

A close reunion erotic movies. When Lena Pual stumbles upon a picture of her ex, Casey Calvert, she can't believe her luck; she still looks amazing! They decide to meet and it doesnt' take long for them to realize the ystill have the hots for each other. Charlotte Sartre and April O'Neil have both been stood up by their date and the girls laugh it off by adding how dumb men can sometimes be. It's pretty clear at this point that they're flirting with each other. It doesn't take long for April to invite Charlotte over to her place. The girls make out passionately as April leads Charlotte to her bedroom. Alison Rey has taken some time off to go visit her second cousin, Zoe Bloom. When she learns her cousin ahs a crush on a girl at school, Alison tells her that she's seduced girls before and if she likes, she can show her the ropes.
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  • bowtiesmilelaughingblushsmileyrelaxedsmirk



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